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The Fear…

I was talking to my flatmate the other night and we came to the conclusion that men fall into three categories according to their age. Men in their twenties are scared that we’re trying to wheedle a diamond out of them, men in their thirties are convinced that we’re secretly trying to get pregnant and [...]

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In preparation for the big kick-off on 1st July, I’ve started reading The Rules. It feels like being indoctrinated into a cult – the phrase The Rules is italicized, bolded and repeated over and over and over again. Chapter headings include ‘Do The Rules, Even when Your Friends and Parents Think It’s Nuts’ and ‘Don’t [...]

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Setting the Challenge

Recently I’ve noticed a pattern emerging in my dating life. It goes something like this: Girl meets Boy. They like each other. They go on a couple of dates. They have a fine time. On the third date, Boy freaks out and decides that Girl wants a relationship, marriage, babies, eternal commitment to the grave [...]

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