Butt me.

Look what best friend found!

A flapper’s dictionary!

It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

In order to fully immerse myself in the 1920s mentality, I’m going to try to work at least one of these words into conversation every day. It’ll be like that time I tried to start a comeback for the phrase “rad to the power of awesome” only hopefully more successful.

I particularly like Whiskbroom. Also, I’m going to try to convince my flatmate that we should throw a Petting Party. Who doesn’t like a social event devoted to hugging? Only Appleknockers and Brush-apes, that’s who.

In other news, I have an extremely belated experiment result to share. I was out to dinner the other night with the friend who set me up with my very first Rules date, Latin Banker. If you’ll recall, the actual date went well but the evening fizzled when we tried to find a cab home and ended up wandering the streets of Fitzrovia like a couple of vagabonds for a half hour. And then I never heard from him again. I was convinced that he thought I was a money-grubbing shrew and hated me, but here’s what he actually said:

“I thought she was great and I really fancied her but it was obvious that she wasn’t the least bit interested in me so I didn’t bother pursuing it.”

SO! Doing the whole “I’m completely indifferent to you” routine as required by The Rules actually backfired in this case as it prompted the logical response (i.e. thinking I was completely indifferent and therefore not bothering) rather than the desired response (i.e. thinking I was playing hard to get and redoubling his efforts). It’s a bit of a shame as I thought Latin Banker was rather sweet.

Thank god The Rules are over – I’m so much better at being a biscuit.

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