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The Bitch has Landed. Very softly.

The title of this month’s book is, as you can see, Why Men Love Bitches. I’m afraid I have no experience in this area as, when it comes to relationships, the title of my book would be something like, Why Men are Relatively Indifferent (and Sometimes Quite Mean) Towards Pushovers. Sure, when it comes to casual sex, I can [...]

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Oh, that’s right: I’m a jackass.

I’d pretty much decided to chuck in the blog due to my nascent relationship with the Geordie. It’s official: we’re not dating other people. We’ve been grinning inanely at one another and grossing out fellow Londoners with our lovey-doveyness for the past few weeks. Ever the pie-eyed optimist, I figured that somehow I had stumbled [...]

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The bad behavior continues.

One would imagine that after last Saturday’s debacle, I would have learned my lesson and started behaving myself. But no. Before I launch into this, I must slip in one caveat. The guy I went out with on Wednesday and about whom this tale centers around knows about this little project of mine. He’s a [...]

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